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Farm & Agribusiness Commodities Brokerage Services

Matt, as a licensed broker of Bates Commodities, Inc., helps farmers, producers, agribusinesses, commodity traders, speculators and investors with general trading as well as speculating and hedging in commodity futures and options.

Need someone who will listen and has extensive experience with all aspects of production? Matt understands your needs are very specific to your situation and will connect the right information and explain it to you in an uncomplicated, concise manner.

He provides our clients with unbiased information they need to make smart data-backed decisions using the latest fundamental and technical market information.

Matt provides unbiased price and sales information with reliable and timely order execution for the experienced trader and helps novice hedgers learn and implement new strategies.

Looking for comprehensive reports covering domestic and international markets, with data sent to you within hours of collection via the Internet, email, and text message? We provide electronic info, printed reports, telephone recordings and links to online news media you can use to make smart decisions. This includes information on price, volume, quality, condition, and other market data on farm products in your specific markets and marketing areas.

It’s our job to identify and explain risk management alternatives to help you make better decisions, regardless of your existing experience with futures and options trading.

Through Bates Commodities Inc., Matt offers full-service hedging and trading for customers who use futures and options to manage price risk. He can link the careful purchase or sale of futures and options in conjunction with current sell signals to help you manage your price risk.

It’s our mission to make things as easy as possible for you to execute your plans and achieve your goals—no matter how simple, complex or long-term they are. Matt can enter positions or execute orders you have already decided on, regardless of your existing experience with futures and options. We also offer direct assistance with cash marketing strategies, options, futures, and complicated buy or sell side programs with large buyers like Cargill and ADM.

Simply put, Matt can help you decide when to make sales to the buyers you trust while aligning everything to your strategic marketing plan with the intent to drive long-term growth in your business.