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Our Value is Your Future.

Today’s producers face an endless number of challenges. Finding enough time to track costs, analyze trends and execute marketing strategies are some of the toughest challenges in our industry.
Traditional market planning is primarily based on short-term management of logistics and cash flow while further relying on a “one strategy fits all” approach. The end result often yields nothing more than reactively executed, short-sighted marketing with a poor return on your time and financial investment.

This is where we can help you.

We provide our clients with independent and uninfluenced proactive insight through market research and up-to-date trend data — factors including financial analytics, regulations, weather, price volatility, etc. — to provide a plan building foundation that is easy to understand and execute regardless of what the market will do. We believe this approach will equip you with what you need to execute your trades on top while maximizing every bit of your hard work and every dollar you invest into your products.

Our proven three-step, hands-on strategic approach is founded on the decades of successful experiences gained from working, managing and owning multiple producer and cash grain elevator businesses.

Step 1 – Information Strategy: We start by equipping you with authoritative and unbiased, objective information sources; only those that are uninfluenced by the marketplace or other influencers. As an independent consulting firm not bound to a bigger brand, you will have peace of mind that the information and recommendations we provide you are solely based on measurable data and trend analysis, without corporate agendas, personal interests or emotional ties. Our partner-centric, collaborative mindset will continuously build your confidence and trust through growing your portfolio and best positioning your long-term business strategy.

Step 2 – Customization Strategy: Because every producer’s needs vary greatly and constantly change, it’s critical we develop a strategy that works in your advantage. This is where we get into the specifics with you to understand every minute detail about how you structure your investments so that we can set you up for success. We provide the consultative advice needed to establish your near-term investment targets and align them to you long-term goals. This custom tailored, forward-thinking approach will forever change the way you approach managing your business and ultimately your investments.

Step 3 – Implementation Strategy: Here’s where the rubber meets the road. We connect your goals with our deep experience and constant attention to the market, with a laser-focus on tracking progress, effectively alerting you about potential risk, and highlighting investment performance improvement opportunities, so you can realize the long-term success you expect.
This time-proven approach will equip you with the discipline to develop the effective long-term plan you need, while helping you easily navigate the fast-moving financial side of your business.
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